Penetration Sealing and Fire Stopping.

Penetration sealing for stopping fire is an extremely effective method of passive fire protection. By utilising products such as intumescent mastic, mineral wool boarding/fire barriers and fire compounds, we are able to help prevent the spread of fire by compartmentalising buildings and sealing cavities created by cables, ventilation and piping. As an additional benefit these seals can provide a level of acoustic barriers. It is essential to seal all services that penetrate a fire-rated wall or ceiling, to ensure that fire and smoke cannot easily spread between the designated fire compartments of a building.

Examples of penetrations

  • Pipes
  • Cable Baskets and Trays
  • Air Ducts
  • Waste Pipes
  • Dampers

We have identified a variety of intumescent products from a range of certified manufacturers, all of which perform well and often exceed the required specification.

Examples of fire stopping

  • Fire barriers/curtains
  • Fire, smoke, air and acoustic sealing
  • Riser compartmentation
  • Fire boarding
  • Intumescent pipe collars and wraps
  • Linear gap sealing
  • Load bearing compounds

Examples of materials used

  • Mineral Wool Ablative Coated Board
  • Intumescent Mastic
  • Intumescent Paint
  • High Expansive Intumescent Mastic
  • Intumescent Pipe Collar